How to Draw Rouge The Bat

By The Outcasts

Hello, everyone. We are The Outcasts, here to give you a quick and easy lesson on how to draw everyone's favourite (or not so favourite) bat-girl, Rouge the Bat. For this tutorial I used a green and blue animator's pencil, but you can use a normal HB of 4H (much paler, but good for drawing guide-lines) grey-lead pencil. So let's get started then.

To start draw a circle, and draw in the vertical and horizontal guidelines. You will be using these later on in the process.
Then draw in Rouge's torso and shoulders. Notice how the torso is formed with a sort of egg shape with the larger end at the top, then a smaller circle to form her lower half? It helps to use a sort of dividing line so that you can tell where the centre of her body is going to be. Also draw in her... well, breasts. For the sake of children being in the audience, I have drawn them at a more 'normal' size. ^_^; The shoulders should always be close to the sides of the body, no matter what. Remember your shoulders don't float away from you when you move your arm.
Now add in her arms, legs, hands and feet. Her lower arms and calves are drawn huge like this because these will form her thick boots and gloves. The ends of her thighs are attached just below her hips, and always originate from them, just like the shoulders do to the chest. The circles on her toes are for the hearts. Don't forget to add her tail. :)
For this step I will use a different colour, so that you can see what I'm doing clearer. In this step we start adding in the guides for her features, such as her eyes, clothes, hair and wings. See how the eyes sit on top of the horizontal guideline we drew earlier? The heart over Rouge's chest sticks out slightly so that it isn't exactly skin-tight, like the rest of her uniform. For the fingers just draw in some quick sausage-like ovals, but not too thick!
Once again I'll use a different coloured pencil. Now we start pencilling in her details clearer. Take note that her feet aren't exact circles like the guidelines drawn earlier were, and that her fingers aren't as thick. Her eyelids should have a slight curve to them, and not be a completely straight line. And her right hand is directly facing the viewer, so you won't see much of her arm in that view but almost directly the top of her clutched fingers. For the wings I added the details you see in the game.
Here's a rough guide on how the wings are positioned on an anthropomorphic (or furry/Mobian). Note that they come straight from the shoulder blades and the wings' membrane follows along them. If you flex your own shoulders in a sort of flapping motion you can almost feel how the wings would work. Either that or fly away!
Here's a complete pencil sketch version of the last step, so that you can see how it will look after you have rubbed out the guidelines. In this step I also added an emerald shard in Rouge's hand, just to give the picture a bit of a story behind it. ;)
Now we ink. I used an 0.4 fineliner, and went over some of the lines again to make them thicker, and to give it a sort of shadow effect. If you like you can try this out, but normal fine lines will do. Note I didn't colour in the black parts with ink, I usually colour these bits in with pencil or marker in the final stage. If you're happy with keeping this an inked piece add in your signature, like I did. ^_^
Now, for the fun bit; giving your drawing some life with colour! I used Photoshop 5.5 for this step, with NetRaptor's CGing tutorial as a guide. For full details go have a look at that part of the How To Draw Section. But instead of a paintbrush I used an airbrush with a pressure of 5%. I also have one more piece of advice, if I may give it to you. To give the illusion the Rouge is wearing, well, red rouge make-up (heh...) airbrush her muzzle with her skin colour, then over her cheeks lightly airbrush in some red, then go over those areas lightly with her skin colour again. And there you go. I apologise for the huge copyright info over the picture, but the last thing we want is art thieves, right?

So that's it. Rouge the Bat in eight easy steps. Next I will show you a couple of poses that can be used for Rouge, and how to draw those.

This art tutorial created for by The Outcasts and copyrighted by The Outcasts and NetRaptor.